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Eyeforce, our solution from Becklar Enterprise Monitoring is the leading provider of wholesale monitored remote guarding across North America.

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Montreal Open House Armstrongs security

Montreal Open House

We invite you to our new facility, a brand-new, state-of-the-art monitoring and data centre in Laval, Quebec on April 23rd from 12 to 4.

Armstrongs Dealer Tools

Expanded Suite of Dealer Services

Armstrongs’ exclusive tools are designed to help our dealers maximize efficiency, increase recurring revenues, and maintain the health of your businesses.

Armstrongs Belle X on the Telus Network

Belle X

The Belle X is an end-to-end mPERS solution with industry-leading technology that was developed to meet the need for an integrated and user-friendly personal emergency response system.

Armstrongs Monitoring Chat features

Armstrongs Chat

To use Armstrongs Chat, we text users and their contact list a link to join a secure group chat where they can either dismiss or validate alarms.

Dealer Portal

Did you know that in the last year, we invested over $20M and countless manhours in innovating and improving our products and tools?