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A Brand New, State-of-the-art Monitoring and Data Centre in Laval, Quebec!

Armstrongs, A Becklar Company, is incredibly excited to debut our new monitoring and data centre in Laval, Quebec! Becklar has spent months investing in the new centre, making sure it is fully redundant and set up with the latest technology to take care of our dealers and their subscribers.  

As a wholesale monitoring company, we know that every alarm signal we handle could be lifesaving or property protecting. Redundancy significantly increases the probability that a signal is properly received regardless of circuit issues, weather, equipment failure, or other unforseen issues. As part of Becklar Enterprise Monitoring, we have invested approximately $3 million in our Canadian centres to ensure that we not only meet industry standards, but exceed them, including the updated ULC requirements for 2025.  

The Laval site provides a stateoftheart, highly redundant data centre that is designed to provide a Canadianbased facility as the primary home to all receivers and storage of Canadian subscriber information. Becklar has invested for years in industry leading technology that allows for routing of tollfree phone numbers over primary, secondary, and tertiary paths (Toll-Free Reroute Technology). Our size and influence in the industry has allowed us to partner with key telephony providers, ensuring the shortest and cleanest path for alarm signals into our environment. With this toll-free reroute technology in place we can ensure any failure in a single circuit or site will not impact the successful delivery of alarm signals to our platform. In Canada, partnering with local telecommunication providers (TELUS and Bell) gives our Laval facility multiple paths of redundancy and ensures low latency for critical alarm signals for Canadian subscribers. 

Also, the Becklar IT team has expertise in the latest virtualization technology ensuring our automation software is always up and ready for processing critical alarm events. The site has been built to meet and exceed all the requirements for ULC. The infrastructure of our centre has been designed to ensure your customers data is secure. Using the latest technology, we encrypt all data at rest and in transit. We continuously monitor all systems for anomalous security events and ensure system vulnerabilities are promptly remediated.

Some of the new technologies we are using in Montreal include:  

  • Avaya Phone System – Traditional alarm signals are delivered through the latest on-premise PBX from Avaya which has been configured to reduce security threats, eliminate toll fraud, and minimize down-time through a hardened architecture. Additionally, connectivity for our phone systems uses the latest SIP technology.  
  • Network Redundancy – We bring to this facility our own block of IP addresses that allow us to route IP alarm traffic over any one of several carriers. With this technology in place, we ensure no single carrier outage will impact IP alarm traffic. Our carriers (Rogers, Bell, and VideoTron) provide unique fiber paths and are made redundant through the latest SD-WAN technology from VMware’s VeloCloud. This SD-WAN technology ensures traffic to and /from alarm panels will traverse the most optimal path.  
  • Virtualization Infrastructure – Our server and storage infrastructure employs cutting edge technology. Servers, configured for full redundancy using VMware, provide the latest virtualization functionality including seamless migrations from one host to another. Such functionality ensures immediate failover from one host to another and the easy administration of systems without impact to critical systems.  
  • Security Tools – The security of our infrastructure and safety of our customer data is critical to our success: 
    • Managed Detect and Response Functionality 24/7 continuous monitoring of all security log events with processes to automatically respond in real-time to threats to the environment  
    • Next Generation Firewalls – In addition to traditional firewall capabilities, this data centre has been designed with a next generation firewall providing integrated intrusion prevention, application awareness and control to block risky application traffic, threat intelligence sources, and capabilities to user ID to identify any user on the network.  
    • Next Generation Endpoint Security –This feature provides our endpoints with the ability to identify threats and remediate them using artificial intelligence and machine learning.  
    • Real-time Vulnerability Scanning – All systems are scanned continuously for vulnerabilities and remediated according to an established policy prioritizing the most critical vulnerabilities first.  
  • Fully Redundant Power and Cooling – The data centre has been built with the latest in-row cooling, a hot contained aisle, and redundant UPS power to ensure uptime of critical infrastructure. 

Armstrongs centres monitor over 250,000 subscribers across Canada, and the Laval centre is a critical part of our network, allowing us to provide the fastest average response times in the industry at under 10 seconds. We are also pleased to have created 55 new jobs in Laval and look forward to increasing this number by the end of 2024.  

Please contact our Canadian team of experts today to learn more about Armstrongs and our new data and monitoring centre in Laval.

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