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Helping dealers accelerate growth with cutting-edge solutions. 

At Armstrongs, we provide security and fire alarm monitoring, we also monitor a variety of other services including medical alerts, IoT devices and apps, elevator monitoring, Workforce Safety, PERS, mPERS, live video, and multiple video verification solutions.

The Armstrongs Difference

Professional Monitoring

We operate multiple redundant monitoring stations across Canada, equipped with the latest technology to help ensure your subscribers’ homes or businesses are protected.

Armstrongs monitors all events, 24/7 with the utmost of care, professionalism, and with industry-leading response times.

Continuous Innovation

Armstrongs fosters a culture of innovation, supported by continuous and ongoing investment in infrastructure, including our new technologically-advanced national data centre in Montreal. We are constantly learning, growing and evolving, to develop new services and technologies to support your business.

We are proud to bring award-winning technologies to Canada! This includes Armstrongs Chat, our powerful Dealer Dashboard, Technician App for placing accounts on test, Belle X, our new mPERS device, and more.

Our People

Our staff and operators are dedicated to making sure your business thrives and your subscribers are protected. We care deeply about the work we do and the individuals we protect, and we ensure that we’re continuously learning and improving.

At Armstrongs, we strive to show our subscribers, partners, and employees that We Care by living our core values every day: Fun, Innovation, Relationships, Service, Trust and Teamwork.


Armstrongs Chat is a new technology in Canada, and only available with us!

Did you know that roughly 80% of people don’t answer the phone when they receive a call? That includes your subscribers! ​

We’re solving this issue with Armstrongs Chat, which allows subscribers to chat on a secure platform without answering the phone. This helps achieve better communication between subscribers on the contact list and resolve an alarm quickly.

Customer Engagement Platform

Powered by AI and machine learning, our Customer Engagement Platform helps improve response times and send automatic notifications providing a better customer experience.

Armstrongs Monitoring Dealer Portal

Powerful Dealer Portal

Featuring tools that will help you drive growth and improve operational efficiencies!  

Check out our Dealer Dashboard, a revolutionary data visualization tool that allows you to view recent dispatches, recent alarms, call answer rates, weekly top alarm offenders, and more. All are customizable to fit your business needs.

Other great tools in our dealer portal include: 

  • The MLS reporting tool helps you minimize subscriber turnover and gain new subscribers. It provides you with a list of your subscribers that have a home for sale, so you can proactively reach out to your subscribers to offer services in their new homes. It also provides recent home sale data, giving you a head start on connecting with new residents. 
  • Full access to customer data and the ability to make changes without needing to contact customer support.   
  • Full access to each subscriber’s account history, including voice log access.   
  • A variety of turn-key integrations with key vendors like, as well as your customer relationship management software. 

In addition to our new technologies, dealers enjoy superior service and peace of mind knowing that Armstrongs provides:

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Want to learn more about Armstrongs monitoring solutions in your industry?

Belle X

Introducing our newest Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) device, Belle X, from our sister company, Freeus, connected through the TELUS network and available across Canada.

Belle X is an end-to-end mPERS solution with industry-leading technology that was developed to meet the need for an integrated and user-friendly personal emergency response system. Belle X allows subscribers to feel safe and secure, and gives them the confidence to live life independently, knowing they can easily get help with the press of a button. 

Belle X Personal Health and Safety

Some of the key capabilities provided by Belle X Include: 

Other features from Armstrongs are:

  • Two-way Audio PERS Medical Monitoring Specialists.   
  • Dedicated staffing trained in PERS monitoring services, in both English and French.  
  • Compatible with all major alarm formats/panels. 
  • Multiple alarm receivers, featuring the Sur-Gard System 5 & III’s, including IP Internet Monitoring. 
  • Next generation cell back-up compatible, DSC-GSM, Uplink, Alarm-Net, all with Special Dealer pricing from Armstrongs.

All this and more, with our
all-inclusive monitoring fee, no add-on fees, no surprises