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Cross industry wholesale monitoring solutions.

Proudly serving Canadian dealers and subscribers since 1989!

Armstrongs, an AvantGuard Monitoring Company is recognized by dealers throughout Canada for its innovative technologies, top-notch customer service, expanded dealer tools and applications, four modern central stations, and more. 

Armstrongs is a premier provider of wholesale monitoring services providing an unparalleled suite of solutions ensuring subscriber protection with professional monitoring of Fire, Burglary, Medical Alert, Workforce Safety, Personal Safety, Fall Detection, Crash Detection and IoT device monitoring services. We monitor and respond to any signal, anytime, with exceptional speed, accuracy, and service.

At Armstrongs, dealers receive superior service and peace of mind knowing that their clients are protected. 

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Security Monitoring

Armstrongs provides comprehensive and professional wholesale security monitoring services, including multiple manufacturers video verification solutions.

When a security system is installed in a residence or business, it needs to be monitored to provide subscribers with complete protection. Instead of building a central monitoring station, and incurring millions of dollars in cost, dealers can use our services instead. Many dealers understand the importance of alarm monitoring and when they are looking for a monitoring partner, Armstrongs has been a choice for many across Canada.

We monitor all events, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide the fastest response times in the industry. Subscribers will get the help they need from our friendly and knowledgeable operators, providing accurate, reliable support every time. 

Live Video Monitoring

We provide advanced video verification technology to help combat false alarms and provide a faster response from authorities with a verified response. This helps to make subscribers’ alarm systems more effective and accurate, with faster responses. Customer loyalty improves dramatically when they are better protected with an efficient system they can count on every time.

Armstrongs’ is partnered with Eyeforce, a Becklar Company, to provide advanced, interactive remote guarding services. Eyeforce combines video surveillance, analytics and live audio to turn every camera in your security system into a remote guard. Implemented on over 10,000 cameras across North America, Eyeforce replaces security guards at commercial properties with remote intervention specialists that watch over the facility 24/7.  

Fire Monitoring

Armstrongs has been monitoring residential fire, smoke, heat, and Co2 detectors across Canada for over 3 decades. Our professional operators are trained to respond accurately and quickly to all incoming calls.

Armstrongs also monitors elevators, ensuring that these critical systems are operating properly, and that the passengers riding in them are safe in emergencies.

PERS and mPERS Monitoring

Armstrongs monitors Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and Mobile PERS (mPERS) and devices, providing fast access to expert operators during an emergency. Our highly trained operators are caring, compassionate, and reliable PERS specialists, who help keep your subscribers and their loved ones safe.

Armstrongs is pleased to announce that the newest mPERS device, Belle X, from our sister company Freeus, is now available across Canada using the TELUS Network. This industry-leading device was developed to meet the need for an integrated and user-friendly personal emergency response system, offers two-way communication, is waterproof, light, and provides the longest battery life of any device in the market.

IoT and Environmental Monitoring

Armstrongs monitors elevators and a variety of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and systems, ranging from vehicle crash detection technology, smart homes, freezer temperature alarm systems, and more. Our dedication to monitoring IoT devices and systems ensures the safety of your subscribers and their homes and businesses.

Workforce Safety

Armstrongs’ Workforce Safety Solutions are the most comprehensive and customizable solutions in Canada.

The combination of our intuitive mobile applications and devices, powerful safety dashboard, and professional monitoring is designed to protect employees that work alone, at height, or in hazardous or dangerous environments.

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