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We believe in empowering our customers with cutting-edge solutions.

At Armstrongs, we understand that providing exceptional alarm monitoring services is just the beginning. We believe in empowering our customers with cutting-edge solutions that streamline their operations and maximize their efficiency. That’s why we have integrations with multiple customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, revolutionizing the way you manage your business.

With our customer service management and video software integrations, you gain access to a world of possibilities, unlocking a host of benefits that will enhance your operations and drive your success.

CRM Integrations

Managing your customer relationships can be tricky, and the technology you use should help make that process easier. That’s exactly what the integration works to achieve. Now, you can establish and maintain a single source of customer information across two different platforms.

One system.
Countless efficiencies.
Integrate your management of sales, workforce, inventory, and recurring revenue in one intuitive platform. So you can do more. FieldHub is a modern and feature-rich platform for businesses with field services, recurring revenue, and inventory management.


Enter your customer data one time, every time. Through the 1 Stop Portal integration with Armstrongs, you can synchronize your CRM and central station, helping you save countless hours of work, and improving your accuracy.

Cornerstone’s billing solution handles everything, from sales management, to installation, and customer relationship management. Now you can finally track RMR, manage accounts and integrate with your central station.

SecurityTrax, an company, is a premier CRM that was designed for security companies looking for intelligent software, capable of solving your biggest problems, and even the ones you didn’t know you had.

Tier32’s CRM software provides unique compartments for each department to operate in, providing better cross-function reporting capabilities for everyone.

Whether you are the CEO reviewing reports for multiple departments, or a technician keeping up on tasks and inventory, Tier32 has what you need.

“Work smarter, not harder.” That’s the motto at WorkHorse.
The WorkHorse system combines accounting, sales, customer service, and installations are all recorded and monitored to help make your productivity more efficient and your business more profitable.

Video Integrations


CHeKT offers the simplest integrated video solution in the market, making it possible to integrate nearly any camera with the central station.

I-View Now

Gaining a verified response is the most effective way to ensure emergency responders will arrive as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they won’t arrive at all, or could take several hours before investigating. When a real emergency occurs, your customers don’t have that much time.

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