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Video Verification and Remote Guarding – Does Your Monitoring Centre Do Both?

At Armstrongs, we’re firm believers that both interactive video monitoring and video verification play a vital role in the effectiveness and success of your subscribers’ security systems.

With our sister company, Eyeforce, Armstrongs not only provides video verification monitoring services, but we now offer remote guarding.  Video plays a vital role in detecting, validating, and preventing security incidents. First, it enhances the effectiveness of your subscribers’ security systems by sending clips of what has tripped the signal to the monitoring centres to validate the alarms and dispatch emergency services as needed. Conversely, interactive video is key in detecting and preventing potential crimes from occurring. With interactive video, trained remote guarding specialists can assess the situation, speak to, or set off an alarm when a potential trespasser enters a restricted area.

At Armstrongs, we’re firm believers that both interactive video monitoring and video verification play a vital role in the effectiveness and success of your subscribers’ security systems.

Interactive Video Monitoring and Remote Guarding with Eyeforce

Commercial theft is costly for businesses across North America, with retailers reporting losses of over $100 billion dollars in 2022. Eyeforce, a sister Becklar Company, is committed to proactively preventing crime that costs businesses thousands of dollars each year.  

Retailers reporting losses of over $100 billion in 2022

Becklar acquired Eyeforce in 2022 to expand its comprehensive suite of security solutions. Daniel Forrest, President of Eyeforce, commented, “When commercial property owners partner with Eyeforce, their camera system becomes a proactive remote security guard that effectively detects intruders and deters crime before it happens.” Eyeforce is device-agnostic and can be implemented into virtually any existing security camera system. This means your existing system can now be monitored by a remote specialist who can interact in real-time with potential intruders, and even dispatch law enforcement to the scene if necessary. This significantly enhances commercial security systems and helps prevent crime, translating into measurable cost savings for your business.  

False Alarms and Video Verifications

Fines can reach up to $1,000 per signal.

We all know that false alarms are the bane of our existence in the security industry, but also for our friends in law enforcement. It is estimated that false alarms cost law enforcement agencies approximately $2 billion a year! These costs have led to fines for dealers and/or subscribers (in some areas across Canada) and can reach up to $1,000 per signal. For monitoring centres that receive hundreds of millions of signals a year, if even 1% of those signals accrue a $1,000 fine, you’re looking at a significant hit to the bottom line.

To help combat false alarms, and their associated fines, we partner with industry-leading video verification integrators like CHeKT to offer the best video verification experience for both dealers and subscribers. With our partner CHeKT, our monitoring centres receive a video clip of the event that triggered the signal to be assessed by one of our operators. This video clip and the information it provides is vital in determining the relevance of the signal and if action is needed.

Imagine this scenario – our monitoring centre receives a signal from a residential home. The camera shows footage of someone in the backyard. With a partner like CHeKT, our operator will then receive the clip of the signal sent by the backyard camera. Turns out it’s just a neighbourhood kid grabbing a ball that came over the fence. Our operator identifies it as a false alarm and proceeds accordingly. Without video verification, the operator would have to contact the client’s emergency contacts, and if nobody responds or knows what is happening, the operator will dispatch emergency services.

With video verification, and a partner like CHeKT, in scenarios like the above, our monitoring centres are able to reduce false alarms, increase the timeline of processing alarm signals, and dispatch to get the fastest and most accurate help possible. 

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How Becklar, Our Parent Company, Utilizes Video

With video verification and interactive remote guarding, Becklar, our parent company, is actively working hard to tackle 2 of the biggest industry problems – false alarm dispatches and theft.  

With video verification, Becklar Enterprise Monitoring is able to provide the fastest response times in the industry. Through trusted partnerships with video verification vendors, like CHeKT, the guesswork is taken out of verifying alarm signals. To learn more about CHeKT and their offerings, visit the CHeKT website.  

And with our interactive video monitoring by Eyeforce, we are able to pair the power of AI with our highly trained remote guarding specialists to protect your assets and to create a safe environment for your business and employees. For more information about live video remote guarding, reach out to our team at Eyeforce.