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Driving Growth and Recurring Monthly Revenue with Remote Guarding

Did you know that we have a great new sister company, Eyeforce, on board? It’s true! Eyeforce is our newest solution available from Becklar Enterprise Monitoring and is the leading provider of wholesale monitored remote guarding solutions across North America.

We had a great webinar with Eyeforce’s President, Daniel Forrest, and Director of Business Development, Danny Youngerman, discussing remote guarding and live video monitoring. The recording of the full webinar is below, but we’ll cover a few important points in this blog as well.

So, who is Eyeforce?

So, who is Eyeforce? Eyeforce has been providing video monitoring services to customers since 1989. Eyeforce combines video surveillance, AI/machine learning analytics, and live audio operator response intervention to protect commercial properties and enhance safety, prevent crime, and reduce theft and loss.

Eyeforce believes in getting into the trenches with dealers and integrators to help them infiltrate a market primed for a highly effective, remote guarding solution that can exponentially increase video monitoring recurring monthly revenue.

Let’s break it down and discuss what remote guarding is.

  • Remote guarding turns every video surveillance camera into a remote guard and can cover an entire facility simultaneously, even in remote locations.
  • Remote guarding is a proactive video monitoring solution that stops crimes before they even start and is a real and active presence.
  • Remote guarding replaces security guards at commercial properties with remote intervention specialists that watch over the facility 24/7. It also allows you to expand and grow your business by providing increased RMR.
  • Remote guarding costs significantly less than human guards and eliminates human error factors such as fatigue. The system is always on-guard and monitoring 24/7.

Eyeforce’s remote guarding is also:

  • Camera agnostic – allowing you to keep selling what you sell.
  • Able to create better results – uses 8 AI video analytic partners to scrub video alarms.
  • Straightforward pricing – there are no overage charges.

There are also a variety of cross-industry opportunities, with proven success in many vertical markets, including:

  • Retail – Audits/Opening/Closing
  • Logistics – Perimeter Protection/Truck Processing/ROI
  • Multi-Family – Amenities Areas
  • Construction Sites – After Hours/Safety Compliance PPE
  • Sub-Stations – Telecom/Utilities
  • Industrial Supply Companies – Yard Protection
  • Manufacturing – Audit/Safety Compliance/Protect Inventory
  • Houses of Worship – Vandalism Prevention with Voice Downs
  • Auto Dealers – Inventory Protection
  • Corporate Fleets – Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft
  • Commercial Real Estate – Guard Replacement in Lobbies
  • Health Care – Video Patrols in Parking lots for Additional Safety
  • Small Companies – Warehouse and Fleet Protections

To watch the full webinar – please click on the video below.

And for more information on Eyeforce, or to book a meeting, please click here and contact Danny Youngerman.

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