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A Powerful Dealer Portal

Innovative Tools You
Can Access At No Cost 

Did you know that in the last year, we invested over $20M and countless manhours in innovating and improving our products and tools? It’s true! We continually invest, (and will continue to do in the future), to provide you with the best tools to help you successfully manage and grow your business.

So let’s talk about these tools in our powerful dealer portal, that you can access at no cost!

First up is our Dealer Dashboard. It is a revolutionary data visualization tool that was created to help maximize your RMR (recurring monthly revenue). It allows you to view recent dispatches, recent alarms, call answer rates, weekly top alarm offenders, and more. All are customizable to fit your business needs. The dashboard insights can help you minimize attrition, improve monitoring efficiencies, and capitalize on service opportunities.  

Second is our exclusive mobile Technician App, which was developed to let you manage and test accounts conveniently from your phone – anywhere, anytime. It also lets you quickly view your most recently tested accounts and even locate your accounts through our Google Maps integration, to save you time and resources.

Armstrongs Monitoring Dealer Portal

Next is our robust MLS Reporting Tool. It helps you minimize subscriber turnover and gain new accounts by providing you with 2 types of lists. The first list will be a list of your accounts that have homes for sale so you can proactively reach out to your customers to offer services in their new homes to improve customer retention rates. The second list is a list of newly purchased homes, giving you a head starts on connecting with new residents.  

Lastly, our dealers will have full access to customer data, including account history, voice log access, and the ability to make changes to the accounts without the need to contact customer support.  

Sound like a great set of tools? We agree! If you’re interested in learning more about our powerful dealer portal, connect with our team.