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Expanded Suite of Dealer Services

Armstrongs’ exclusive tools are designed to help our dealers maximize efficiency, increase recurring revenues, and maintain the health of your businesses.

At Armstrongs, we pride ourselves on being innovative and progressive, with continuous investment in developing new services and technologies to support you, our valued dealers. Today, we’d like to break down some of the new tools and features available to you, and how they can help you grow and manage your business. These tools include Armstrongs Chat, our Dealer Dashboard, and our Technician App.

Armstrongs Chat

First up is Armstrongs Chat – our free alarm verification service that is the first of its kind in Canada, and exclusive to Becklar.

With Armstrongs Chat, when an alarm is triggered, we text users and their personal contact list a link to join a secure group chat. In that group chat, members of the group can text with one another, over a secure platform, to figure out what is going on and whether dispatch is needed. This results in reduced false alarm dispatches, better communication between operators and subscribers, reduction in the time to first engagement, overall decreased costs for  you and your customers, and most important, enhanced overall safety and service for your customers.

Armstrongs Monitoring Dealer Portal

Dealer Dashboard

Next up is our revolutionary Dealer Dashboard (housed in the Dealer Portal). The dashboard is a groundbreaking data visualization tool created by Becklar, our parent company, to help maximize your recurring monthly revenue. It allows you to view weekly top alarm offenders, recent alarms and dispatches, call answer rates, etc. Plus, the Dealer Dashboard is fully customizable to your unique business needs. Using the Dealer Dashboard and its insights will also help you improve monitoring efficiencies, capitalize on service opportunities, and minimize attrition.

Another feature available to you within our Dealer Portal is full access to your customer data and the ability to make changes without needing to contact dealer support. Access to data includes subscriber account history, voice log access, and more.  

Technician App

Lastly, our exclusive mobile Technician App was developed to make account management more efficient for you and your technicians. It allows you to 1) put any subscriber account on test without having to call the central station, 2) to create multiple zones and test those zones at the same time, 3) to look up an account history from your mobile phones without having to log into Stages, and much more. We have also integrated Google Maps into our mobile app, allowing your technicians to locate accounts quickly and easily.

Overall, our exclusive tools are designed to help you maximize efficiency, increase recurring monthly revenues, and maintain the health of your businesses.


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