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We invite you to unleash the potential of your fire and security protection business with our many integrations.

At Armstrongs, we understand that providing exceptional alarm monitoring services is just the beginning. We believe in empowering you, our valued dealer partners, with cutting-edge solutions that streamline your operations and maximize your efficiency. That’s why we have integrations with multiple customer relationship management (CRM) platforms (including, Workhorse, FieldHub, FillQuick, One Stop Portal and more), revolutionizing the way you manage your business. 

With our CRM integrations, you gain access to a world of possibilities, unlocking a host of benefits that will enhance your operations and drive your success. 

Here's what you can expect:

  1. Streamlined Workflow: Our seamless integrations bridge the gap between your business and leading CRM platforms, creating a synchronized ecosystem that eliminates duplicate data entry and minimizes errors. Say goodbye to manual data transfer and hello to an automated, efficient workflow that saves you time and effort. 
  2. Enhanced Customer Engagement: By consolidating your data with your CRM of choice, you gain a comprehensive view of your customers’ profiles, preferences, and history. Armed with this invaluable knowledge, you can personalize your interactions, provide tailored solutions, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. You can also strengthen relationships, build trust, and foster loyalty with your customers. 
  3. Intelligent Insights: Through easy integration with any one of our CRM partners, you’ll receive powerful data analytics tools that transform raw data into actionable insights. Uncover patterns, trends, and opportunities that drive business growth. Make informed decisions, optimize your operations, and stay one step ahead of your competition. 
  4. Efficient Task Management: Easily connect accounts, service requests, and customer interactions with one of our CRM partners. By deploying a solution that is integrated with your CRM, it will help ensure that all essential tasks are captured and efficiently managed. Assign tasks, set reminders, and monitor progress effortlessly. Stay organized, prioritize effectively, and deliver exceptional service to your customers. 
  5. Scalable and Customizable: Our integrations work seamlessly with leading CRM platforms, allowing you to choose the solution that best fits your business needs. Whether you operate a small alarm monitoring company or a large enterprise, our flexible integrations adapt to your unique requirements, ensuring a personalized experience that grows with your business. 
  6. Improved Billing and Payment Processing: Simplify your financial management with our CRM integrations. Streamline billing process, send invoices seamlessly, and manage payments efficiently. With integrated billing and payment processing capabilities, you can provide a seamless experience for your customers and focus on delivering exceptional service. 

We invite you to unleash the potential of your fire and security protection business with our many integrations. Witness a transformation in how you manage, engage, and grow your customer base and maximize your operational efficiency. Experience the benefits of partnering with a monitoring service provider that thrives on seeing your business grow and prosper. Armstrongs is your partner, not your competitor.

CRM Integrations

Managing your customer relationships can be tricky, and the technology you use should help make that process easier. That’s exactly what the integration works to achieve. Now, you can establish and maintain a single source of customer information across two different platforms.

One system.
Countless efficiencies.
Integrate your management of sales, workforce, inventory, and recurring revenue in one intuitive platform. So you can do more. FieldHub is a modern and feature-rich platform for businesses with field services, recurring revenue, and inventory management.


Enter your customer data one time, every time. Through the 1 Stop Portal integration with Armstrongs, you can synchronize your CRM and central station, helping you save countless hours of work, and improving your accuracy.

Cornerstone’s billing solution handles everything, from sales management, to installation, and customer relationship management. Now you can finally track RMR, manage accounts and integrate with your central station.

SecurityTrax, an company, is a premier CRM that was designed for security companies looking for intelligent software, capable of solving your biggest problems, and even the ones you didn’t know you had.

Tier32’s CRM software provides unique compartments for each department to operate in, providing better cross-function reporting capabilities for everyone.

Whether you are the CEO reviewing reports for multiple departments, or a technician keeping up on tasks and inventory, Tier32 has what you need.

“Work smarter, not harder.” That’s the motto at WorkHorse.
The WorkHorse system combines accounting, sales, customer service, and installations are all recorded and monitored to help make your productivity more efficient and your business more profitable.

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