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Does A Fire Alarm
Need To be Monitored?

In a nutshell – no. A fire alarm does not need to be monitored. BUT – and there’s a big but – a fire alarm is only useful if someone can hear it when it sounds. So if your business/property is equipped with a fire alarm, but isn’t monitored – you’re really only getting a small part of protection.

Let’s break it down and talk about it.

Monitored Fire vs Unmonitored Fire

We are all familiar with fire alarm systems. We know that they’re typically low cost, usually come previously installed by developers, and maintenance is easy – you just have to change out the batteries when they get low.

But let’s consider the big difference between an alarm system that is monitored vs unmonitored.

Consider this – you’re a small business owner, and you’re closed for the night. An electrical fire sparks at your business at 2am when no one is at the office.

If you have an alarm monitoring system, which provides 24-hour protection, the system will automatically alert your central monitoring station, and within minutes, the fire department will be alerted and dispatched. As the business owner, you’ll also be alerted, and you’ll know that help is on the way, minimizing property damage and lost resources.

The flip of that – with an unmonitored alarm – you might show up to work the next morning to a burned-down building!

Other Benefits To Fire Monitoring Systems

Beyond protecting your property when you aren’t home, fire alarm monitoring systems can also test themselves to ensure the system is working properly. The system will troubleshoot itself to determine if there are any alarms in the system that are malfunctioning. If there is a problem alarm, the central monitoring station will receive a signal and call the contact to ensure proper functionality.  

A monitored system can also help to protect those who may not know what to do in the event of a fire. Some people, like the elderly or children, may not know what to do in the event of a fire, or may not have the ability to perform the duties necessary during an emergency. If, for example, an elderly person or child cannot get to the phone in time in an emergency, a central monitoring station can send a dispatch for them. It can help those who can’t protect themselves, and the responsibility will not rest with them.  

Alarms Save Lives

At the end of the day, what you want is an alarm monitoring system that will protect your home or business and your loved ones. With monitoring, there is added security and peace of mind – the advantages of a monitored system are real and can save property and lives.

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