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  Mar 12, 2019
Armstrong's Purchases CML Monitoring, Edmonton AB
Our History
First fiberglass, then satellite dishes and now alarm monitoring. Sounds like a strange road to travel but for Gary Armstrong it was the route he journeyed on before launching Armstrongs Communication.

Based in Coal Creek, NB, Armstrongs is a third-party contract alarm monitoring service that has spread its wings all the way across Canada. It is the culmination of years of hard work by Gary Armstrong and his employees and a continued commitment to leading edge monitoring technology. But before one can fully grasp how Armstrong became such a powerful force in the Canadian alarm industry, it is important to examine the path he journeyed to get there.

Armstrongs career in the business world began a very early age, when working at a local fiberglass manufacturer he was presented an opportunity to own the company. With some help and faith from his father, who actually mortgaged his home to help his son, Armstrong purchased the fiberglass company in 1978 and for the next 10 years honed his business skills. Using this experience he eventually launched a company that manufactured large satellite dishes.

Despite his budding business success, Armstrongs personal life quickly took precedent when his identical twin, Barry, was diagnosed with leukemia in the winter of 1979 and given only two weeks to live. Luckily, while attending a seminar in Fredericton, NB Barrys doctor met a physician from Seattle, WA, who was describing a newly developed blood marrow transplant procedure. With some promise in hand, the Armstrong family rallied around the two brothers, who were flown to Seattle on a New Brunswick government jet for what turned out to be a four month treatment process, in which both brothers were involved. Fast Forward thirty years, both are successful businessmen and both enjoy a busy and energetic lifestyle. These events created a drive that culminated in the creation of Armstrongs Communication Ltd.

Gary's first exposure to alarm monitoring occurred in 1989 when he and a colleague from Montreal, PQ designed their own security system for the elderly. To monitor the systems, Armstrongs hired several employees to operate an answering service that monitored alarms. With the demise of the large satellite dish sales due the mini dish introduction into the Canadian market, Armstrong decided to expand into the alarm monitoring business in a more direct manner.

Armstrongs first alarm monitoring station was built in Chipman, NB in 1994. It opened with 1800 accounts. With a growing foothold in the industry, Armstrong began to rev up his marketing machine, with the focus, initially, being the New Brunswick region. In 1996 it turned its attention on expanding to the rest of the Maritimes. In 1997 a small daytime monitoring station was opened in Dartmouth, NS by Armstrongs. This quickly grew into a full time station. By 2002 Armstrongs had outgrown its leased facilities in Dartmouth and decided to build its own facility in the quickly growing Burnside Industrial park in Dartmouth. The monitoring service moved into its new building by November 2002. Although Chipman at this point had become primarily Armstrongs administrative facility by 2003 Armstrongs made resurgence into the New Brunswick market with the opening of a completely bi-lingual monitoring station in Moncton, NB.

Armstrongs has been a developing success story. Today Armstrongs over 50 staff members proudly boasts a client base of over 80,000 and supports an infrastructure of more than 400 dealer companies with over 1000 employees combined nationwide.
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